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Western Africa Region

West Africa (Ghana) Region

  1. Ghana
  2. Cote Devoir
  3. Benin
  4. Niger
  5. Burkina Faso
  6. Mali
  7. Senegal
  8. Togo

Ghana Project
Image_1-Western-AfricaThe project in Ghana is focusing on reaching out to the unreached ethnic groups in the region. This region has 209 unreached and least unreached ethnic people groups. Pastor Charles Dagore  is the one coordinating the work of God in this Region with the help of other church planters. The purpose being to reach the unreached ethnic groups with the holistic gospel by touching spiritual and physical lives of many of unreached communities.
Education for the unreached populations especially in the rural communities has been a good example of a Door Opener for preaching the Gospel. Some of the people groups that are being reached are the Dagombas, Gonja, Mamprussis, Bandas, Bunos, Akyode, Gikyode, Wale Wale, Fulani, Wolof and Fulfulde tribes among others.
Church development programmes
Hope for Africa Mission in Ghana and the international office together they have been involved in planting churches and developing descent Church structures for the local people using the ”Door Openers” to reach the unreached ethnic group. In this region 23 churches were planted in 2012 for the kingdom of the Lord.

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Sustainable Development Programme
Image_5-Western-AfricaHope for Africa Missions has strategies that are being used to reach the unreached Ethnic people groups. We use “Door Openers” as a structure to let people open up and let the word of God to be preached in their villages.

These door openers are to sustain the communities and the work of God in the villages. Based on the fact thatImage_6-Western-Africa the youth of any nation is the bedrock for potential growth and development, the Mission gives special attention to this category of the population. It is in this light, that the Mission is sponsoring 250 orphans and vulnerable children (pupils) at Grace Preparatory School at Sakorit in the Talensi/Nabdam District of the Upper East Region of Ghana and 100 Orphans/vulnerable children at Grace International School in Wungu in the West Mamprusi District in the Northern Region of Ghana. Hope for Africa Mission shall henceforth continue intensify efforts in catering for this highly sensitive section of the population.

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Outreach/ Church Planting

Outreach and Church Planting are the primary activity of the mission in Western Africa region. Therefore, we are so grateful to you Hope for Africa Mission in South Africa and all donors for the great support for us since we met you in 2011. These are some imparts made so far to effect lives in Western Africa Region.

Correctly in Ghana we have three churches to plant which is part of our fasting and prayer calendar in the coming months which is ongoing. The places are Zaare community in the Bolgatanga Municipal, Yamriga community in the Talensi district and Kandiga community in Kasina-nakana district all in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Please pray with us for resources for these churches.
Regional Profile

Hope for Africa Mission Western Africa
HfAM Unreached people groups current involvement 21
Mission centres 1
Number of church plants 33
Number of church Planters 26