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Ruvuma Region

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Ruvuma Region

  1. Mozambique North
  2. Tanzania
  3. Zimbabwe
  4. Angola
  5. Malawi
  6. Zambia


Ruvuma Transformation Project
The Ruvuma project is focused to reach out to the unreached ethnic and least unreached groups in that region. This region alone has 52 unreached and least unreached ethnic groups by the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is through the organised effort of our country leaders and church planters together with Apostle Monteiro to come up with programmes in order to fulfill the great commission.

Developments (Schools development)
Image_2-Ruvuma-RegionAfter having discovered that in the unreached communities where we are working most of the children are not going to school because of lack of schools in these areas. We then came with the concept of using materials available in our disposal to build mud schools, which enable us to use more than 50% of free material to complete the school.
Some of the programmes that are already started are evangelism campaigns among the Mwani, Yao, and Makhuwa tribes in the Northern Part of Mozambique right through to Tanzania. This is also accompanied by development strategies using our “Door Openers” such as drilling of water wells, basic education, agriculture and training of community leaders on community based sustainable projects.

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The Gospel
Image_4-Ruvuma-RegionWhen we preach, we are using the Jesus film to spread the Gospel, we are targeting villages where there is a lot of Witchcraft and Muslims. One example is when we were coming to South Africa, we stopped over a certain place where Children are taught Witchcraft and the two of us started a prayer march. It was amazing that many people from the village started following us, they joined in and we preached to them. 35 people came to the Lord and were saved.
Image_5-Ruvuma-RegionAccessing most villages is a challenge for church planters and pastors in our region. Villages are far apart and it hampers church planters from being so effective in visiting villages and following up new convents. We would like to thank God as we managed to buy Bicycles for Pastors which they are using to go around spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They use these bicycles to reach the unreached, those that are in mountainous areas where a motor car can’t reach. We have 9 Pastors working in 9 these difficult areas across Tanzania.