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Northern Africa Region


North Africa Region (Regional Office Sudan)

  1. Sudan
  2. Egypt
  3. Chad
  4. Central Africa Republic

Sudan Region Project
The project in Sudan Region is surrounded with a challenge of nearly 217 unreached people ethnic groups. The focus is to reach out to these groups with every means possible. With the work under the challenge of other religions that oppose Christianity. So much prayer and support is needed for the advancement of God’s Kingdom in this region. A 15 member church planter’s team and together with lay leaders in the communities are establishing house Churches.

Image_1-NorthernAfricaIn the Northern side of Sudan, 42 churches have been planted whilst 10 churches in the South. In Darfur house Churches are doing.

In the Northern side of Sudan, 42 churches have been planted whilst 10 churches in the South. In Darfur house Churches are doing very well in spite of continuous attacks by opposition faiths. Lack of resources to put up descent facilities is also resulting in members meeting under trees in secluded places. There is a training centre in Khartoum for training of Church planters and lay leaders. They normally have to about 30 lay leaders who undergo one month leadership training courses. In Chad two Church plants have been planted Andre.

Church Development Programmes
Hope for Africa Mission in Sudan has been planting churches and developing descent Church structures for the local people. The team in Sudan Region has started the work of reaching out in some ethnic groups such as Afitti, Messiria, Amri, Dar Hamid, Baggara Habbania and Beja tribes.
Church Planting – has been this strength of this region. We have been able to plant churches in different areas although with great persecution but through dedicated man it has been possible. We have also been able to start a Sunday services in prison. Many house Churches have sprang
in Sudan and it has been really humbling to witness God’s work amongst his people. Pastor Hassan visits all the Church plants that are outside Khartoum frequently. Bibles were distributed successfully in Darfur. Although it was not any easy project, we thank God that it was effective and received with great joy and enthusiasm.

Basic Schools – are in their first semester of the year. We are so thankful that God has been faithful. We have most of the basic schools operating very well with the exception of two. Two schools have been struggling to stay afloat. We really thank God that these schools have been a safe haven for children especially in communities in which they are planted in.

Vegetables – were able to provide some of their harvest to schools and kindergartens and we do pray that with the success that it started with this semester it may continue to produce more so that the children in Kindergartens would continue to be fed.

Water Filter – has been running very well throughout the year and we thank God that it is serving its purpose. It has been a provision for both the Christian and Muslim community. We pray that many would continue to see the Love of God through this project.

English Institution – has been struggling a bit. The teachers aren’t getting paid well and there is a lack of materials. Though it is working well as an outreach tool to draw most people to come to school. The lack of resources and materials has really been a disadvantage.

Regional Profile

Hope for Africa Mission Northern Africa
HfAM Unreached people groups current involvement 22
Mission centres 1
Number of church plants 22
Number of church planters 17