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Southern Africa Region


Southern Africa Region

  1. South Africa Siyabuswa (International Office)
  2. Lesotho
  3. Swaziland
  4. Mozambique South


Siyabuswa Region
Image_1-Southern-AfricaThe Southern part of Africa has been said to have been reached by the Gospel but this is still falling too short to be as there is a lot of follow up work that needs to be done since the first Western Missionaries came to this region. With 8 least unreached ethnic people groups a huge need for preaching the Gospel of salvation by faith in God through grace and discipleship is still needed. It is with this background that the region has established Bible training Colleges, Christian school and Christian pre-schools in order of reaching out many by the Gospel. Dr Hendrick Mahlangu is the Founder and Director of Hope for Africa Mission overseeing all the six regions; he is also responsible for the oversight of the Southern Africa region.

Church Development Programme
Image_2-3-Southern-AfricaThe Church is growing through tent revivals preaching’s conducted by a team of Church Planters with the help of Bible College students. Every year a plan is drawn of how this work ought to be carried in the communities of the countries under this region.
In Southern Africa more than 28 Churches have been planted and a five year plan is in place to further plant more churches. They are more than 60 church planters who have been trained and developed for ministry in the two Bible Colleges, the one in Siyabuswa South Africa and the other one in South Mozambique Chiaqualane.

Relief Programmes: Southern Africa Region

Hope for Africa mission and partners are also giving hope to those who have been involved in the natural disasters and bring relief to the lives.

Relief programme in Southern Mozambique after a flood which left people homeless and lost almost everything they had. Tents given to people as their temporary houses.

Hope for Africa Mission in Southern Africa is having strategies that are used to reach the unreached Ethnic people groups with a purpose of making the work of God grow and be sustainable to the church planters and the communities. There are projects such as chicken project and garden project that are used to help the work of God to other regions where there is a need. Cattle farming and community gardens have been a good example in Southern Mozambique where families have not only experienced the Love of Christ by the preaching the Word of God but also by ministering of their physical needs.

Image_7-Southern-Africa Image_6-Southern-Africa


Regional Profile

Hope for Africa Mission Southern Africa
HfAM Unreached people groups current involvement 7
Mission centres 3
Number of church plants 27
Number of church Planters 18