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Northern Africa Region

The project in Sudan Region is surrounded with a challenge of nearly 217 unreached people ethnic groups. The focus is to reach out to these groups with every means possible…read more

Central Africa Region

The work in this region started in Maasai ethnic people group advanced to Nyanza province and then spread among the Oromo Sakuye, Njems, Lchamus and Somali ethnics groups…read more


Southern Africa Region

The Southern part of Africa has been said to have been reached by the Gospel but this is still falling too short to be as there is a lot of follow up work that needs to be done…read more

Western Africa Region

The project in Ghana is focusing on reaching out to the unreached ethnic groups in the region. This region have 209 unreached and least unreached ethnic people groups…read more


Horn of  Africa Region

In this Region the work has started where Evangelist Abraham Hadish is the one who oversee the progress of the work of God in this ¬†region…read more

Ruvuma Region

The Ruvuma project is focused to reach out to the unreached ethnic and least unreached groups in that region…read more

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